Undergraduate education – Grade level

For some, attending university is an exciting prospect. Undergraduate education – grade level  is an opportunity to pursue an ambitious career; it is a “place where creativity is fostered and even motivation is measured.” For others, it’s a perceived higher education and learning experience.

Regardless of your reasons, you will have to pay for the tuition, accommodation, and books. To these people, the prospect of going to university just isn’t worth the hefty costs. To their friends, they are too old, their lives have gotten too monotonous and so on. To the majority, it is simply a step too far. For these people, getting a degree is no longer desirable. However, their employers are not getting the same result from the “university-educated” people who they employ. If only we could stop people from going to universities, universities could stop employees from being recruited.

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There are many universities that have become well-known for their stringent rules concerning dress, values, and research practices. While this might seem like something an undergraduate will want to get away from, these rules have a major impact on the company, organisation, and community of universities. The consequences of breaking university dress code will be severe. The consequence of being kicked out of the university may be even more severe. Instead of having a university degree, you may have to take a degree just to retain your job. These organisations will have a negative impact on people’s life overall.

For companies to be competitive and gain sustainability, universities need to ensure their employees are present in the workplace. This will reduce incidents of bullying, harassment, and various other forms of discrimination at work. They are also expected to ensure their employees are emotionally healthy, which has a link to the wellbeing of the company and its success. University dress code has a strong impact on staff’s sense of wellbeing. Employees are required to dress in certain “colleges” with these simple rules that require “dress code in universities.”

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All these (more) academic reasons for you to drop out of university at an early age sounds scary. On the surface, students are more likely to be spending all their free time on their phones and social media platforms. But if you have to be present in a way that makes an employer aware of your academic performance, then we are likely to find yourself applying for hours that are obviously unnecessary. You will feel pressure to learn something new even when you are obviously unmotivated. Your mind is just busy filling in the gaps where you didn’t manage to learn anywhere else in your life.

Employers on the other hand are providing their employees with the skills they need to succeed. Universities have the power to start training college and undergraduates for your current job. We, therefore, can spend our time building our resilience, mentoring, and passing on our perspective. As an employer, you don’t want your employees to have a doubt in them or quit because they “aren’t proud of how they work.”

Dressed well, you are likely to get jobs in your desired field and advance from there. You may also get away from a company that looks down on certain types of people. For example, if your organisation doesn’t truly value people from minority backgrounds, you can trade your experience and skills and gain a job in the industry your company didn’t realise could benefit your society and the companies and individuals behind you.

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