The Best Chin Chin Recipe 2022

There are many Chin Chin recipes at the internet and I get that. But this is actually the best Chin Chin recipe.

Every factor right here works collectively fantastically to provide perfectly crunchy yet no longer hard Chin Chin.

This Chin Chin is wealthy in flavour and so addictive. I surely have to beat myself from ingesting extra than my waistline can accommodate.

If you are not acquainted with Chin Chin, let me give an explanation for.

Chin chin


Chin Chin is a popular West African snack eaten in nations like Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. It is known as “Les Croquettes” in French.

The ingredients for Chin Chin are pretty easy: flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, baking powder, salt and a few type of flavour.


All substances are combined to form a dough which is then rolled out, reduce into preferred shapes then deep fried.



Chin Chin is nice and crunchy. It tastes like fried cookies. The taste would possibly barely range relies upon on the flavours brought.

I add freshly grated nutmeg and a few orange zest (orange rind) to mine. Insanely delicious!

Chin chin recipe


Making Chin Chin requires 7 smooth steps:

1. In a bowl, mix collectively eggs, milk, sugar and orange zest.

2. In some other bowl, blend collectively flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt, freshly grated nutmeg and room temperature butter till mixed.

3. Add the egg mixture into the flour mixture and blend to shape a dough.

4. Transfer the dough onto a floured working floor and lightly knead.

5. Cut out a portion of the dough (about the dimensions of a golfing ball). Roll the dough into approximately ⅛ inch thick.

6. Cut into 1-inch squares or strips (about 1 via five inch).

7. Heat up oil in a frying pot or pan and fry until gently golden in shade.

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This is a typically asked query approximately making Chin Chin. To stop your oil from foaming, follow these suggestions:

1. Do now not overcrowd the frying pan. The secret is do no longer overcrowd the frying pan whilst frying Chin Chin. Fry handiest a small quantity of Chin Chin right now.

For instance, most effective fry 1 cup of Chin Chin at once if frying in a 12-14 inch wok. Only fry about half of a cup of Chin Chin immediately if the use of a smaller pot or pan.

Avoid the temptation of putting a large quantity of Chin Chin into the pan right away. I actually have discovered after years and years of creating Chin Chin that this leads to the oil foaming.

It takes more time to fry simplest a small amount of Chin Chin immediately however it is worth the wait!

You could be rolling out extra dough and slicing at the side even as step by step frying the already cut out dough. This is how I do it and it really works properly for me.

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2. Follow the recipe. Also make certain to observe my recipe exactly as it’s far with the proper measurement of ingredients. Do now not eyeball some thing.

If your ratio of components is off, it might bring about the oil foaming.

3. Don’t overfill the frying pan with oil. Another factor to observe is do no longer overfill the frying pan with oil.

Allow as a minimum three inches (7 centimeters) among the oil and the top  of the frying pot or pan.

This tip would not directly save you foaming according to se but it prevents your oil from boiling over the frying pot of pan if that happens.

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4. A little bit of foaming is normal. Lastly, note that a touch bit of foaming is ordinary when frying Chin Chin. Even after you do everything right, your oil may nevertheless lightly foam in particular after some frying periods or if you are the usage of formerly used oil.

This is totally normal and that is why it is essential which you do now not overfill your frying pot/pan with oil.

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