how to claim over 1000 Watts of BMV

In this article, I’ll be showing you guys how to claim over 1000 Watts of BMV in your trustwise. Just today alone, I’ve been able to make over $17 with this implemented. I’m going to show you guys.

Eddrop article tutorials on how to make money online and crypto related articles so kindly and able to go through the article till the end. So you won’t miss out in any of my articles. Well, let me start by showing you guys the amount of BMB I’ve been able to make just for today. In this method, I’m going to show you guys, just take a look at my smart chain. You see, I’ve gotten $17 worth of B and B just for today.

This one I want to show you guys. So now guys, simply pay attention to get every step. I’m going to tell you on how to claim this BMB. Just right now you can start claiming your own this time. As soon as you read this article, you can start your own process as fast as possible.

Like I said, all you have to do is to watch it to the end and don’t skip any price. I’m going to tell you. Now let’s get started. If you check the article description, you’re going to see a link in the article description.


how to claim over 1000 Watts of BMV

I’m going to be posting the link I’m going to be using in this video in the video description. So you have to go to the video description of this video and copy the link. Then if you find it difficult to copy the link from the video description, I’m going to be dropping another link that leads to Facebook page where you can get the link. If you find it difficult to get it in the description. So after you copy this link, the next thing you do is you go to your DAP because we’ll actually be using DAP to demonstrate how to claim this free BMV.

So the next thing you do is you go to your DAP, your DAP, you’re going to paste the link they are going to get from the video description. After pasting it, you now browse it after browsing the link, make sure that the network is under smashing settings, not Ethereum settings. So once this is done then guys, we are good to go. So now kindly pay attention to everything I’m going to send now to avoid making any mistake. So now our setting is already in SmartChain.

So guys, just scroll down. Let me show you something amazing. This is actually an AirDrop. As you can see, it’s actually an AirDrop which will end in the next 18 days. But that’s not the issue here.

The case here is look at the referral bonus, because in the referral they said referral to get 30% BMB plus 100% of dog bows. That means for each person you refer, you are getting 30% Bab of the gas fee. Some days ago, I shared a video on how to claim the phonics token, and I told you in the phonic token, you get BMB and phonics token for each person you’ll fear. And guys, I’ve made over $50 from that drop and this one here they are giving a whole lot of 30% BMB of each gas fee of any referral you get.

So as much as the referrals are going to refer, you are going to get 30% BMB from each person plus 100% dog boost token.

Let’s try it out. The next thing I will do right here is just to go ahead and claim the AirDrop, because until you claim the air drop, you can be able to get the referral bonus. So I will go ahead to claim the AirDrop so you can see the hotel will be costing zero point $76 of BMB. So we got you to approve.

how to claim over 1000 Watts of BMV
Okay, then I’m done here.

Okay. Right here at the page. Claim jump. Just come down here. Scroll down.


How Real Is The 1000 watt of BMB

It has a large number of supply and buyer in the market. The liquidity of the coin is still rising.

You will see the right contract address. Just copy it. You can see contract copied successfully. So you click. Okay, then kindly go back to your wallet.

Then go to the search bar here where you add token.

Kindly scroll down and go to add custom token, then change network to Smart chain from Ethereum, then paste the contact address. As you can see, nothing is appearing so you can leave change the name to dogbows.

Then the decimal is 18.

So after this, just go ahead and select done.

So as you can see, we have 500 dog bows. This is not the main deal. The main deal is that for each person you refer, you’re going to get 30% B and B of the gas fee. So the main thing is that you are actually going to get 100% of the Dogb token, but most importantly, you’re going to get 30% of the pricing gas fee.

Where to claim 1000 watt of BMB

You can look up for this particular coin on trust wallet or binance it is very much available there for claim and purchase too.

Go ahead, claim the air drop and start referring to claim the air drop as much as you refer, then the more BMB you make. So guys, I just feel like I should share this opportunity to you guys so you can go ahead and make freebnb because I’ve been making free BMB this afternoon. And guys, it’s really amazing. So thank you very much for watching this video. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe to our email so you won’t miss any of our published articles.

Do remember to turn on the location bar, so you always get notification and post new articles. Thank you very much.

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