How To Buy Splash Coin

Welcome back to todays tutorial on how to buy splash coin. So guys in this articles we are going to review this splash tokens. And there are so many videos on YouTube about this token. They are just giving all the positive information and they are encouraging people to purchase this token at any cost. So I will to review this token genuinely. And we will talk about Fax. So we don’t do promotional articles on this site. So this is not a promotional article.


We will review this and try to figure out if it’s a scam token or a legit project. So let’s start with its article. So first of all, this token is listed on Gold Market a few hours ago and here you can see one 1500 people already added it to their watch list. So the developer of this token or the team behind this token working very hard in marketing. So let’s see what is the feature of this token if this is another kind of pool like skirt games or a legit project like Shiva.

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So we will see. So we’ll discuss all the positive and all the negative points in this video. So let’s start with this chart. So here you can see from last 24 hours it pumped 77% up. So it’s a very nice and here you can see it pumped almost 100% and then it dumps a little bit. It may be because some people who purchased it before going market capitalist sold it. So we will ignore the chart for now because just one new token. And here you can see on token sniffer website. This token is launched on 30th October, means this is 18 days old token only. So it’s a very new token. So let’s start with its website. So when I click on website here you can see there are two website of this token.


First one is and second one is So let’s start with second website because it represent Cohen. Maybe there are some roadmaps and all. So let’s start with actually I will open both of them. So basically I’m assuming that they have their own swap where you can swap tokens just like pancake swap uni swap. I don’t know why website is slow, maybe because of my internet.

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So meantime, we will check the buy and sell tax of this token. So here you can see there are no buy and sell tax in this token. So it means if you buy $100 of this token, you will get $100 of this token, no tax, no cutting. So it’s a good point for this token. Very good point. And we’ll discuss all the positive and all the negative. I repeat. So watch the video till the end. I will tell you if I’m suggesting this token to purchase or not if I am purchasing this token or not. So I don’t know why websites are not opening it’s because my internet let me change the network here. So it should work now let me refresh again. It’s because of my internet.

So I have here where you can see Splashonprecille. You can see pancake swap. So where is the swap? There is no swap for now so you can buy on but I don’t want it. I want to see their swap guys. Okay, let me do it desktop person so it may open their swap or I think their swap isn’t developed yet. Maybe they’re going to launch their sweat but it isn’t launched till yet. Till now let’s start with second website which is both websites are same, but let’s start with this website. Sorry, I don’t know why their website is net, so basically they have their one website.


Second website is redirected to first website where you can see there is no swap for now. I think they are planning for launching their swap. That’s why they have this splash swap. So there is nothing on their website. I’m surprised with this because there is nothing literally nothing on their website. So they’re just promoting their coin like precisely is going on. You can buy this on pancake swap and contact us. So when I Scroll there is a video view for more info. Let me do so they are giving marketing concerns what we plan. There is nothing on their website. Let’s start with its token. Okay, let me copy their contract address. Okay, I copied their contract address and let’s search this on

So I have already searched it, but I will search it again for you guys for the confirmation that I have searched correct contract. So there will be no doubt in that. So first of all, let’s see the rating which this website gives tokens website gives it zero out of 100. I don’t know why we’ll check it. It says it’s a high risk token. So let’s see why token is Sullivan which is a good point means there is no restriction on selling. So buy fees is 0% and sell fees is 0% which is also a good point and contact choice is verified.


It is also a good point, but there are some token with the same or similar contracts before this token which deployed before this token. So there are some token which are launched before this token with the same or similar contract source. So we will check them also because the contract represents the quality of the token. Let’s see. We will also check them. There is a full list of the similar token contract, so we’ll check them also, if they are drug pulled, they were rug pulled or they were scam or some kind of what token they were. Okay, so ownership isn’t three nouns for this token. Four. Now it’s okay because most of the Mem tokens which are recently do not have their ownership reinforced. They might do in future.


But let’s see liquidity is 206 BNB which is okay and 48% of the liquidity is locked for 179 days. It’s a good sign. Actually, 16.2 thousand and 22. 48% of liquidity is locked under pink lock and 49%, I think given by the owner creator. Okay, so let’s start with the other contract token with the same similar role identical contract tokens which are identical to this token. Okay, so first one is global chain. Let’s start with Herds network. Okay, so this was the token which were identical. So here you can see this token is available for now and it’s working, I guess. And buy face zero phase selfies is also zero, which is similar to debt and liquidity is very low. Eleven BNB and 6% is locked. So it’s locked for 490 and 95% of liquidity low. So it’s okay. Let’s see other tokens which were identical, so we will start with it will be bleached. So we are just taking it for any kind of rugpool. If these go in a rug pull, it doesn’t mean that splash token is a scam or what, but just we are checking for another confirmation.


Let’s see. So they are similar contact. Actually they do not have swap analysis. Token is sellable. So this token is not sellable actually. See advitched which were identical to that token isn’t sellable for now. Liquidity. They do not have their liquidity, they have their liquidity removed. So we’ll check another token which is flat. Swap flatswap also sounds similar to this flashweb. So let’s see their liquidity is also locked for 265 days and 33% liquidity is locked 28 BNB total liquidity.


Where to Buy splash coin.

Splash coin or token is currently listed and available on

Where is splash coin listed.

Splash coin is listed on many cryptocurrency site like and coinmarketcap with their price prediction and supply too.

Splash Coin Price and Prediction.

SPLASH coin price today is $9.03e-7 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,847,482 USD.  SPLASH is down 13.18% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2916, with a live market cap that is not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 416,945,940,016 SPL coins.

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