How to Buy Shiba Inu Coin on Trust wallet

I’ve been getting this topic requested so much lately, so I decided, you know what? I have to do it. This is How to Buy Shiba inu coin on trust wallet. I have to do it even though some stupid news just came out. If you take a look right here, Binance RealLIST Shiba Enu token in the innovation zone.

Finance will list Shiba Inu Token and it will be open trading for Shiba Inu to BSD and Shiba Inu to USDT today at 11:00 a.m. Utc. This is insane. I did not expect that. I’m not going to lie. I did not expect that, but well, since we had this topic is probably the worst time for me to make this video because I don’t think any one of you would care, but I guess some of you might want to know how to sell your Shiba in the token on uniscop. That’s why I’m making this video.

How to buy shiba inu coin.

I’m doing a tutorial on how to buy Shiba inner token on Uniswap and how to sell Shiba in the token on Unisop. But it’s kind of dumb for me to do a tutorial on buy because everyone’s just going to buy on finance, but I just want to do a comprehensive video on both buy and sell. And let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get started. If you do not have a computer or made a mess yet, go get a computer. Borrow your friends one borrow your mom’s one borrow your dad’s one. Go get yourself a computer.

If not, you have to use Trust wallet. I do not have a tutorial on trustworthy yet, but soon I will have it. However, now you need your computer and if you haven’t set up your meter mask yet, I have another link. Check this video out. I just did it today and it’s on me. Damas Wallet how to set up your Mermaid Wallet once you set up your meter must wallet, then you can come back here and from there on, I can teach you how to buy yourself some Shiver token and how to sell them. Okay, so go ahead. Go and watch the video. I’ll wait for you here. Done. Okay, let’s continue.

Shiba inu Coin Price Where To Buy.

You can actually buy and swap any cryptocurrency coin on some of the platform like trust wallet or coinbase or binance.

Let’s go to the Shiver Token website. Type Sheba token. Com you’ll see Shiver Token decentralized meme tokens that grew into a vibrant ecosystem. So there’s a buy here. Click on the buy and there’s a Buy sheep buy leash. Click on Buy sheep and it might take super long because I guess a lot of people are rushing in now to buy Shiba token before it gets listed on Finance. So now it directs you to unitswap and you will see Shiba Inu Token and his address there. Just click import.

Now you have the Shiba to Ethereum and switch it around Ethereum to Shiba Inu. Go to your megamus account. Make sure you’re on the Ethereum. Net and not the Binance marching one because a lot of you guys, if you’re buying a lot of pancakes, you might forget to change it back. So just go ahead and click up there and change it back to Ethereum. Send some Ethereum from your wallet. Basically, you just copy the address here and go to your Coinbase, your Binance, your Kraken, paste the address. When you click, withdraw and send the Ethereum here via ERC 20.

Once you get the Ethereum here, that’s where you’ll see some Ethereum. Pop up. Just click Connect wallet main mask. Next connect and boom. There you go. You’re connected to Uniswap, and now you can enter your amount. If you want like this much of Ethereum, you want to get the tokens. Of course, that’s ridiculous, but if you deposit the amount of Ethereum into your minimum wallet, you basically can choose how much Shiva token you want to buy. Yeah, the transaction fee is a little bit expensive, but if you really believe the Sheba token can go up, then by means just press confirm. But I don’t have enough Ethereum, and I personally am not going to buy Shiba token. I’m going to be transparent with you guys.

It’s not because I don’t believe in it, but it’s just my personal opinion. I prefer not to take that risk. I prefer not to buy it at such a high price. It might go even higher after tonight’s listing. But me, personally, I’m just going to tell you I’m not going to buy it. All right, so now you know how to buy it. Now, how do you sell it? Technically, it is just the opposite way around. Take, for example, you have 70,000 Sheba token.


Just Max it out and convert it back to Ethereum and just sign when minimum pops out, just click confirm and then your Shiba token will be converted back to Ethereum. And if you want to send your Aetherium back to your own wallet, which is in your Binance, Kraken or Coinbase or whatsoever, just go on your main amass. You have your Ethereum here because you converted your Shiba Inu to Ethereum. Warning, do not do this multiple times. Just do it once, because if you want to check whether or not it’s pending, you can check here, there will be a pending sign if your Shiba in the token is on its way to become a theorem.


So if you see the pending sign, do not convert it again. I repeat, do not convert it again because it will be in the queue. You’ll be stuck there. Just click on it once and then if it’s pending, just wait. It might take quite a long time because if the traffic is heavy, then you have to wait in line. Basically, unless you increase your gas fees. But it doesn’t make much sense if you do that. So now that you have the Ethereum, what you do is that you send it back. Just click send here, paste your address in it. Your Ethereum ERC 20 address from your Binance Coinbase whatsoever.


This page address in it. Click, confirm. Click send. And there you go, back to your account. And that’s your money right there. So that’s how it goes today. It’s super easy. Super simple. Anyone can do it. Just try it. Step by step. If you have any questions, just comment down in the comment box down below. If this helps you out, please drop me a thumbs up. Back.

You please drop me a thumbs up. I love you guys so much. I love all of you guys so much. Thank you, guys. So much for reading. Thank you guys. I’ll see you guys. Next time, I’m not going to sit my coffee now because it is freaking late. I’ll see you guys. Next time. Am. Peace out.

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