Google pixel 6 review

Google pixel 6 review

Okay, Google type. Today i will be showing you something new on Google pixel 6 review. Sometimes I pick up a phone and nothing bugs me about it. It’s just an enjoyable experience, but that’s not what I’m supposed to do. I’m supposed to give you both the pros and the cons. But over the course of reviewing these new pixels these last few weeks, me alongside some of my tech reviewer friends have begun to question ourselves because we found very little to complain about these new pixels. I’m not saying the new Pixel Six and six pro are perfect. They have their quirks, too, but I’m thrilled to report that.

I think I might have just found my favorite Android smartphone of the year. Hi, I’m Michael. Your gadget matchmaker helping you find the right device to match your needs. This is our Pixel Six and Six Pro review. What you just saw was a demonstration of Google’s new voice recognition feature. It’s not necessarily new. We’ve seen many iterations of it before on older Pixel phones, but this year voice recognition has gotten so much better. For one, I did all of that while the phone was offline. Also noticed that when I sped up, the transcription still came out 100% accurate. The only thing that it did wrong was it didn’t capitalize the word Pixel. All of this is thanks to Google’s new Tensor chip, a new custom built processor that’s at the heart of the new Pixel Six and six Pro.


Google pixel 6 review

Google pixel 6 review

It’s what defines this phone and sets it apart from its competitors. The Pixel Six and six Pro are the phones that we’ve been wanting Google to build, and there’s a lot of exciting stuff to talk about this year, but if I were to sum it up in a few bullet points, I’d say once it starts at a more affordable price tag that makes it hard to beat 599 versus 699, 729 and 799. Two, it looks and feels like a flagship phone with an iconic new look and a more premium feel. And three that is powered by Google’s own custom processor.


We’ll dive into all three points in this article. But first, I wanted to start with Tensor. Let me give you some background. Most Android phones, at least the top of the line ones are powered by whatever’s the best from Qualcomm. Each year. This year it’s Snapdragon Triple Eight. In contrast, Apple designs its own chips for the iphones, and by designing both software and hardware, they are able to optimize so well, so much so that iphones are both powerful and power efficient. With Tensor, Google is able to do the same thing this year, optimize at least in terms of what they consider their priorities.


Pixel exclusive features related to Google Assistant and camera performance. Don’t worry, we’ll dive into both in a bit. But first, I wanted to address an obvious concern is the phone as fast and powerful as a phone running Snapdragon Triple Eight, like the Galaxy S 21 ultra. If benchmarks are to be believed, the answer is no, but in the two weeks that I’ve used the phone, I didn’t encounter any noticeable slowdowns to complain about the games I played. The tasks I completed. All of them felt breezy on the Pixel six and six pro. Okay, back to some software features that are made great by Tensor. Earlier, I demoed their voice recognition feature, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.


Google pixel 6 review

While it seems simple, there’s a lot that goes into it to make it work well, like being able to understand syntax and context different accents. Google even says that they should be able to understand when you’re talking with your mouth full. It also knows how to tune out background noise. See here. I tried dictation on a subway, listened to that noise, and the Pixel was able to handle the task just fine. It’s so good that now you can just dictate everything. And while you’re recording, you can even go back with a cursor and fix errors without interfering with your dictation. It can also learn custom spelling. So for example, at first it didn’t know how to spell Chai, but as soon as I went back and corrected it, the next time I tried it knew that Chai was spelled with a Ch a y instead of I.


It also knows that when I say send, I mean send the message and not have it as part of my message. Translation has gotten better too. For example, on WhatsApp if my best friend Carlos messages me in Spanish? I’ll get this prompt asking me if I want to translate from Spanish to English, and let’s pretend that he can’t speak English very well. I have the option to type my replies in English and send the translation back in Spanish. All of this happens on WhatsApp it doesn’t need the Internet, and I also don’t need to copy paste anything to a translation app. Currently, this feature works on a couple of apps, including Instagram and Twitter, and I’ve been using it to chat with friends to pretend that I’m fluent in their respective languages. It’s been pretty cool and fun. I just finished my AirPods three video. I really like them and you can click up here to watch that video.

Google pixel 6 Price

Unfortunately the google pixel 6 is not yet out on any online shop in nigeria. So we wait till its out.


This, however, is a Pixel review, so I figured it was more appropriate to use them with my Pixel buds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get them to work. They have this weird bug where they disconnect as soon as you take them out of a case and I looked it up online. Apparently it’s a thing, so I do not recommend that you buy these. Luckily, the folks at Soundcore sent me these and asked if they could sponsor a video. So it all worked out. These are the Sound core frames. They’re such an innovative device. Where do I start first? I love their interchangeable system. I ordered this particular design tour because I like Aviatorstyle glasses but I’m not stuck with just these, so here I just pull and off the frames go. All the tech is tucked away in these temples, so I’m free to pick another frame to match my mood or outfit.


Snapping on a new frame is just as easy, and there are ten different frame styles to choose from. My favorite is Landmark, which comes in black, Clear and Tortoise, but it’s also available in Harbor, Wander Cafe, Marina, and Festival. If you need help picking the best styles, no worries. Soundcore has a tool on their website that lets you virtually try them on. Unlike earbuds or over ear headphones, sound core frames are comfy to have on all day. And speaking of, I really do love that I can swap between sunglasses and eyeglasses. I’ve been using these clear Promenade frames while working on my computer. Apart from being blue light filtering, I like how I can listen to music while I work, but also easily use them for phone calls and even video calls. By the way, you can control music by sliding your fingers along the frame. I have the right side set to control volume and the left to switch between tracks.


You can also use your voice last, but not least, let’s talk about sound quality. The Sound core frames have four speakers positioned in front of and behind your ear, and they sound great. The magic, though, is when you turn on open surround, it creates a 3D sound stage for surround soundlike audio, all while still being able to hear the world around you. Sound Core frames retail for just under $200 extra frames are $50 each. If you’re looking to pick up a pair, I’ll put a link down below. I highly recommend that you check them out while perhaps polarizing to some, I have nothing but love for the new Pixel design, and I think part of it is knowing how far it’s come. Pixels have had plenty of cool designs over the years. I love the really blue OG Pixel. I never owned one because it was always out of stock. And who can forget the Panda Pixel Two XL? But if you notice what stood out to me has more to do with color than design, and that’s because thus far pixels have looked plain. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Love them or hate them.


The new Pixel Six series have a look that’s unmistakably Pixel they’re built with premium materials, and yet they still retain their innate playfulness between the six and Six Pro. I like the nonpro’s color combinations better. My favorite is this sort of seephone Pixel Six with its mix of Greens and yellows. The Six Pro comes in either stormy black, cloudy white, and sort of sunny, and even if Orange will probably look better on video, I went with cloudy white, and I have no regrets between its slightly curved display and shiny aluminum rails. The Six Pro especially feels more premium than ever. If you’re shopping for one, it’s worth pointing out that the renders don’t match what the cloudy white phone looks like in person. While the sort of Sunny and Stormy black six pros are indeed two toned, the cloudy white one isn’t no issue on my end, but it was sort of misleading last, but not least, let’s talk about that at camera Bar after two weeks of using the phone, the camera bar has grown on me. It’s definitely Signature Pixel now.

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